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By Senator Barbara Leff, 2003

SB 1316 allows Arizona residents to ship wine to Arizona when they are visiting an out of state or in state winery.

Currently, if you are at a winery and wish to ship wine back to this State, the winery would not be allowed to ship here. You would have to take that wine you purchased to a UPS or similar shipping company to ship it here. Not only was it inconvenient to try to find a shipping company, but when you did find one you would be told they could not ship your wine because you do not have a Direct Shipment License.

SB 1316 changes the law to allow wineries to ship directly to an Arizona residence. All wineries can ship directly regardless of whether they have a direct shipment license or not. So now you can purchase from a small mom and pop winery as well as the larger ones.

SB 1316 allows you to ship two cases of wine per winery per year. It also allows Arizona wineries to ship within the State to your residence if you are visiting the winery and also allows them to obtain a direct shipment license so they can ship anywhere which were unavailable to them before. 

The bill was signed by the Governor on May 6, 2003.

* This general summary is provided for informational purposes only.  For further information, see SB 1315, Laws 2003.