In 2009, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) recognized Barbara Leff for her "Outstanding Regional Contribution" and vision in the sponsorship and passage of Senate Bill 1403, an initiative that will lead to the creation of quality jobs in Arizona.


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June 14, 2001, Scottsdale, AZ - Representative Barbara Leff received's "Tech Ten" award at the Celebration of Innovation dinner this evening. The award is presented annually by, Arizona's software and Internet trade association, to legislators that have been most influential in promoting technology and recognizing its benefits to Arizona citizens and communities.

This award comes as a result of Rep. Leff's involvement in the Governor's Arizona Partnership for the New Economy (APNE), formed by Governor Hull to define the New Economy for Arizona, determine our competitive position and develop a plan to improve that position. As Chairman of the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee, Rep. Leff represented the Arizona Legislature on APNE, one of the broadest economic assessments of its kind. 

According to Rep. Leff, "In simple terms, the 'New Economy' is merely about applying the tools of technology to our jobs and everyday lives. In a greater sense, it is a transformation of the world economy that hasn't been witnessed since the invention of electricity."

"The key issues that APNE considered included advancement of the entrepreneurial cycle, workforce development, E-Government and telecommunications infrastructure, which is the most important element, says Rep. Leff. "Without connectivity, the 'New Economy' and its benefits of increased productivity and greater quality of life are meaningless."

Rep. Leff also served as the APNE Legislative Hot Team Chairman and was responsible for the passage of $3 million in funding for the recommendations resulting from taskforce. Initially, the funding will be focused on improving telecommunications infrastructure throughout Arizona, particularly in small and rural communities. 

Rep. Barbara Leff is currently in her third term representing District 24 in the Arizona House of Representatives. In addition to her Chairmanship of the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee, she also serves on the Ways & Means and Health Committees.