Barbara Leff was named the 2000 "Legislator of the Year" by the National Republican Legislators Association for demonstrating leadership capabilities and exhibiting the qualities of dedication, conviction, fairness and integrity.


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August 11, 2010
Candidates rarely run for what job is
Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
This is not an uncommon phenomenon for statewide offices below that of governor: politicians running for them when they would really like to be doing something else. . . . Of the treasurer candidates, only Barbara Leff seems to be running for the job as it is.

August 27, 2009
Leff Named Senate President pro tempore
Senate President Bob Burns has appointed veteran lawmaker Sen. Barbara Leff, R-Paradise Valley, as president pro tempore. “Her no-nonsense, practical approach will be a vital part of the leadership team, as will her energy and commitment to helping lead our state to a brighter future," says Burns.

July 2, 2009
Brightening Our Economic Future
Arizona Republic Editorial
One ray of sunshine managed to break through the stormy final hours of the Legislature. Senate Bill 1403, sponsored by Paradise Valley GOP Sen. Barbara Leff, gives us the economic-development tools we've been missing to compete with other states.

April, 2009
Quality Jobs through Renewable Energy
In fact, Arizona should be the solar capital of the world as a producer, distributor and consumer of solar energy. SB 1403 offers incentives based on the capital investment and the number of jobs created. Currently, there are 12 solar energy companies representing 4,835 jobs and 4.4 billion dollars in investments that are scouting Arizona as a potential location for new manufacturing, headquarters and research and development.

June 28, 2006 
State Legislature made right choice with health care bill
By Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic
As of October, no longer will the disabled find themselves kicked off AHCCCS, given those grand Social Security checks. Sen. Leff's bill passed with bipartisan support and has been signed by the Governor.

June 15, 2006 
Illegal Aliens: An Opportunity Missed
Polls show that Arizonans want action on illegal immigration. Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed a bill this year that could have helped.

My Turn On Methamphetamine

February 4, 2004 
Voters should have a choice on Light Rail
The Maricopa regional transportation package includes a light rail system that will cost approximately $2.4 billion for only 27 miles of track. This trolley system makes little sense for District 11. My constituents deserve the right to make their voice known. 

May 30, 2002
Leff's Business Climate Committee releases its Final Report
Chaired by Representative Barbara Leff, the House Ad-hoc Committee on Arizona'€™s Business Climate has issued its Final Report. The recommendations result from the Committee's unprecedented effort to solicit the business community’s perspective on state policy and find ways to promote economic development by improving Arizona’s business climate.

June 14, 2001
Leff receives "TECH TEN" Award from
Representative Barbara Leff received's 2001 "Tech Ten" award, presented annually to legislators that have been most influential in promoting technology and recognizing its benefits to Arizona citizens and communities.

July 19, 2000
National group names Leff "Legislator of the Year"
The NRLA awarded this honor to Barbara Leff for "clearly demonstrating leadership capabilities (legislatively, politically and in her community), and for exhibiting the qualities of dedication, conviction, fairness and integrity."